Frequently Asked Questions

While selling the best men care products to thousands of customers each year, we’ve accumulated a shortlist of the most popular FAQ queries, most typically asked by our customers.

q: What products does PVsolver provide?

A: PVsolver supplies a wide range of mounting systems for different type of solar installations, includes metal roof, tile roof, RC roof, grounds, solar carport, etc. You can download our company brochure for solar mounting system from HERE.

In addition, PVsover also supplies Solar System Packages, like off-grid, hybrid and on-grid solar PV System, brochures can be downloaded from HERE.

For metal roof, we have a variety of clamps which can suit roofs with different profiles, like Kliplok406, Kliplok700, Kliplok600, Speed Deck, Standing Seam, Kalzip, etc, all the clamps are fabricated with care and tested.

For Tile Roof, we are able to supply height-adjustable hooks to improve the adaptability to different tile heights on site, which reduces the chances of leakage.

For RC Roof, we have both pre-cast concrete stumps installation method and counter-weighed solutions, which are ready for your scenarios.

We also have read solutions and designs for grounds and solar carport, you can email to catherine@pvsolver.com to ask for more details and template drawings.

q: What information shall I prepare to get a proper design?

A:We have standard Questionnaire and you can fill in and prepare the documents as required and email to catherine@pvsolver.com to get a proper quote with design drawings.

q: Why choose PVsolver?

A: PVsolver targets to be a solution provider instead of components fabricator, we provide solutions with most competitive price.

PVsolver provides 20 years product warranty for our mounting system.

PVsolver is an engineering directed company instead of sales and marketing directed organization.

PVsolver works for sustainability instead fast expansion with heavy debts.

q: What software you are using to do the structural calculations?

A: We are using SAP 2000.

q: What certificate your product and your company have?

A: The company has been ISO9001 certified in the year 2013, and the products are CE and CSA certified at this moment.


q: What are the materials of your mounting system?

A: We generally propose aluminum alloy for tile and metal roof for its “light” features, but we will propose HDG for RC Roof, Ground Installations and Solar Carport in view of structural strength and cost-effectiveness.

For fasteners, we are using SS316 or SS304 as customer requested, we will propose SS316 as standard.

q: What is the maximum length of per single rail?

A: The maximum length of single rail is about 5.8m which is a common standard in the solar industry, it will need special machines to fabricate longer rails. In addition, it will also lead to cost increase in shipping and hoisting.

We will recommend max 5.8m for all project, and 3-4.5m is the most common rail lengths in our design.

q: What is the lead time for a 3-4MWp project?

A: Our lead time is normally 2-3 weeks for a 3-4MWp project.

q: What are the oversea markets you are supplying now?

A:We are now supplying to worldwide and work with giant companies. We are doing quite well in Asian countries, include Philippine, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, India, etc, also we have design and supplied over 50MWs solar mounting system to North America and 2MWs to USA. We are also exploring middle east market and other countries.

We work closely with Jinko, Yingli, GCL, Sungrow, SANJ, Phoenix Solar, GE, etc

q: What is your standard warranty terms?

A:You can download our Standard Warranty Term Sheet here.

q: Will you able to provide installation instruction manual after order?

A:Sure, we can provide customized installation manual for large scale and customized solutions. For standard solutions and products, you can download from HERE.